Here at The Fragrance Counter, we love the packaging of our scents as much as we love the contents. Usually, the bottle will reflect the tone and fragrance inside, giving you a glimpse of what you might be in store for…

However, once you’ve enjoyed months of beautiful fragrance, what happens when you hear your bottle gasp with that last spritz of scent? Well, we’ve compiled a list of great ideas to help you utilise your empty perfume bottles. We’re just too good to you.


1. Ditch the potpourri

It’s old fashioned. It’s outdated. And it’s only at home in your grandma’s knicker drawer. Instead of filling little bags full of overbearing potpourri and whacking them willy-nilly into your cupboards, why not place an empty perfume or aftershave bottle in there instead? Every time you open it up, you’ll get a sweet little breath of your favourite fragrance. Delightful.

You can even fill your empties with rose water, or just plain water, and spritz this onto clothes whilst you’re ironing. Works just like steam and makes your attire smell extra special.


2. Glass candle lamps

Beautiful, unique, homemade. They should be relatively cheap and easy to make too. Just get your hands on some small LEDs and place them inside the empty perfume or aftershave bottle. You could even do this with a string of fairy lights too. Place the empty bottles on a shelf or windowsill, then strategically position the fairy lights behind the bottles so that a lovely slice of light shines through. This works particularly well with translucent, coloured bottles.

empty perfume bottle with fairy lights inside

3. Become a perfumer

Develop your own scent. Mix the last dregs of all your favourite perfumes together and see what works. You can use this as your everyday fragrance and invest in something a little more special for those occasions that require it.


4. Become a collector

Many of our favourite perfumes are particularly special to us because we’ve received them as a gift or we’ve saved up especially for a certain brand. After spending money on such a precious item, you could start collecting your empties. Some vintage perfume bottles are worth a fortune, so just bear that in mind next time you go to throw your old bottle away.

empty perfume bottle collection


5. Trade in or recycle

eBay has quite a large community of online perfume bottle traders. And buyers. So if you want to make a quick buck from your empties, then why not try selling them online? If you’ve managed to gain a larger collection, you could sell them as group. And don’t forget about the boxes too. These can add value; kind of like making it a complete set.

You can try and recycle your perfume bottles too. Make sure you find out from your local council if this is feasible as some parts of the bottle may not be widely recycled.


6. Snazzy ornaments

We think the easiest and prettiest way to brighten up any room is with some handmade trinkets. Take your empty perfume or aftershave bottles and fill them up with coloured sand. Not only does this look beautiful, it also weighs the bottles down, so there’s no fear of them being knocked over.

You could even paint your bottles, creating a stain-glass effect. Place them near a window or light and just take in the simplified beauty.

snazzy perfume bottles


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Featured image courtesy of Oil Reed Diffuser.