Sweet Tooth by Sabrina Carpenter

Actress, international pop sensation, and prolific songwriter, Sabrina Carpenter first graced our screens in 2014 as a beloved Disney Channel star. Since then, she has gracefully transcended into a multifaceted career, achieving remarkable success in the realms of music, acting, and becoming a prominent figure in the world of fashion and beauty. With an astonishing fan base of over 55 million devoted followers spread across various social media platforms and an impressive 1.1 billion music streams, Sabrina has undeniably cemented her status as a global phenomenon.

Inspired by her unwavering passion for desserts, Sabrina's signature fragrance, "Sweet Tooth," encapsulates a delightful blend of sweetness and sophistication, all while proudly carrying the badge of being both vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. The enchanting bottle design, reminiscent of a delectable chocolate bar, perfectly mirrors Sabrina's desire to craft a lighthearted and playful prestige fragrance accessible to all. Unveiling a captivating journey, the scent harmoniously combines chocolate, vanilla, and caramel dessert notes with the essence of traditional fragrance ingredients.

The fragrance begins with a captivating symphony of sparkling Bergamot, Candied Ginger, and Chocolate Marshmallow, which gracefully transitions into a heart composed of Jasmine Petals, Coconut Milk, and Vanilla. Finally, the scent evolves into a harmonious dry-down featuring Cashmere Wood, Chantilly Cream, and Sugared Musks, culminating in a Gourmand Eau de Parfum that genuinely transports you to a heavenly realm on Earth.

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