Divine, the new Eau De Parfum for her...

The Gautier Divine corset stands as a conical masterpiece, an instant icon, and a bold reinterpretation of Jean Paul Gaultier's renowned couture creation—a timeless symbol of feminine liberation.

Beyond being mere intimate lingerie, its alluring golden curves defy convention and celebrate the diversity of the female form. It embodies a confident and uninhibited femininity, where women wield the power to express themselves freely.

Within this exquisite creation lies a harmonious blend of floral and gourmand notes, interwoven with a subtle salty essence that weaves throughout the fragrance. Majestic and radiant, the Gaultier lily takes center stage, unfurling its opulence in a white floral bouquet, while an airy meringue imparts a delectable sweetness. It's an intoxicating addiction that defies comparison—a truly unique fragrance experience that leaves an indelible mark.

Jean Paul Gaultier Divine Refillable