We are happy to introduce our new launch here at The Fragrance Counter. Lara Quin is a luxury home fragrance collection with a truly amazing story. From ‘Ruby & Rich Damson’ to ‘Smoky Quartz & Coco Fig’ there is sure to be a fragrance you’ll love. To take a look at the collection visit our online store

We will leave you with the true story from the brands creator: “At around 8 months pregnant and having had some devastating news, I sat crying quietly in a corner of the train station coffee shop. A woman, with a kind smile, tapped me on the shoulder, gave me a huge cup of hot chocolate and proceeded to embrace me in a giant bear hug. She didn’t ask what was wrong, just simply told me everything would be a little brighter tomorrow. Her name was Lara Quin. It’s amazing how such a simple act of kindness could really lift someone’s spirits and I’ve never forgotten her. So wherever you are in the world Lara Quin, thank you. This one’s for you.”