Ecoya is one of our favourite brands here at The Fragrance Counter! They are an Australian company that make amazing soy wax candles in the most beautiful, contemporary glass jars. They offer a range of scents and sizes of candles, pictured here are Sweet Pea & Jasmine, French Pear and Coconut & Elderflower.

From the company: “Renowned for our natural soy wax candles, offering the most luxurious home fragrance experience is what we were born from. Crafted from natural soy wax, derived from soybeans, and pure lead free 100% cotton wicks, ECOYA candles blend luxuriousness with that respect for nature.

ECOYA candles burn longer, cooler and cleaner than a comparable paraffin candle. Natural waxes produces about a tenth of the soot produced by a paraffin candle and does not contain any of the toxic chemicals.” So not only do they smell incredible, they are less damaging to the environment than your normal scented paraffin candle!