The summer months are behind us and, although only meteorologically speaking, autumn has begun.



But with the extreme changes in weather, what does this mean for your skin? How do you prepare your pores for the wind, the rain, and those sporadic moments of sunshine?

Here at The Fragrance Counter, we thought we would put a short guide together to help you with any autumnal skin dilemmas you might be.


1. Renewal

Use this season to help your skin recover from the summer and prepare yourselves for the winter. Both of these seasons come with extreme weather conditions, whether it’s too hot or too cold, too dry or too wet. Using autumn as your transition period will prevent your skin from being shocked by the onslaught of cold weather.

Exfoliating and moisturising are also important factors in the renewal process. You may have a different skin care plan during the summer months to try and ease oiliness and protect from the sun. You can continue this throughout the winter months, but moisturise to keep the skin from drying out. Why not try Triology Ultra Hydrating face cream; it’s a light lotion, which leaves your skin feeling healthy and nourished.



Don’t forget it’s not just your face that needs renewing over autumn. Keep your entire body looking its best by using Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, perfect for overall moisturising and goodness.


2. Diet

We think beauty is on the inside (and accentuated on the outside) so start from within. Ensure that your diet is full of the good stuff, with a variety of flavours and nutrition. Nuts, fresh fruit and vegetables, avocado, oily fish, and a range of vitamins will all aid in the battle against the winter weather. And they come with the added bonus of making you feel wonderful on the inside.



Diet fads will come and go, but H20 is the one thing we can always guarantee. Keep sipping throughout the day and you’ll notice your skin will reap the benefits. And it’s not just about getting your recommended 8 glasses a day, you need to ensure that you’re drinking water before you feel thirsty as this is a sign that you’re already dehydrated.


4. Hands

Think about what your hands go through on a daily basis. Seems a little mean to neglect them, right? Especially when the days and nights are getting colder and they’re more at risk from cracking and drying out. Try Crabtree & Evelyn for their Hand Therapy products and 60 Second Fixes.


5. Lips

We often forget that our face has many different elements, all of which are exposed to harsh weather conditions and pollution. Your mouth is one of them. Keep your lips protected with a non-petroleum based balm, such as Korres Lip Butter Pots, amazingly buttery balms that offer solace in the winter when your lips feel a little chapped. Choose from a range of flavours, such as jasmine, guava, and mango.