Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Elixir

Experience the sizzling and seductive voyage with Le Male Elixir - the latest addition to Jean Paul Gaultier's crew. The intense parfum for men exudes sex-appeal that is hard to resist, and the striated gold of his bulging muscles adds to the allure. As the sun sets, the copper hue of his skin creates a magnetic pull that you can't ignore.

The sailor top, with its translucent brown, evokes a sensual amber wake that is both enticing and mesmerizing. As you inhale the zesty mint, the fragrance ignites your senses and raises your addiction to a whole new level. The dashing lavender quickly takes on a carnal breadth, enhanced by the fragrant richness of benzoin with syrupy and vanilla notes. The tonka bean adds a layer of hot, mellow inflections, reminiscent of honey and tobacco, making you succumb to its spell. With Le Male Elixir, you'll find yourself completely immersed in a world of burning sensuality and torrid elixir, it's a fragrance that you won't be able to resist.